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Welcome to the videos page

On this page I've included miscellaneous videos not necessarily related to a specific project, but that's still related to Tesla coils or other high voltage experiments. Check back as I will be constantly adding more content as time goes on.

+ Tesla Coil Tuning

This was the first attempt at accurately measuring Davinci's secondary circuit frequency. At first I was getting some really high values. Not exactly sure what caused them, but I suspect faulty equipment as no other variables changed between measuements.

Basically take two on the video above. This video is more aimed at the process, theory, and extra misc things unlike the video above which was more aimed at answering the Tesla list question.

+ Flyback Drivers

This video is of my single transistor driver. The driver is a great intro into higher powered circuits but not very reliable. I would not recommend this driver as a permanent solution. Again this more so just an educational circuit than a useful one.

Here's the same single transistor driver as above only this time I doubled the voltage to 24 volts. Didn't get much more output from it but I suspect it could be due to the fact that I made these videos back to back without a cool down time.

Here's the new ZVS driver using three 12 volt UPS batteries. This is a very high powered and robust circuit. If you're going to be following in my footsteps I highly recomend this circuit. Just be careful!

+ Misc Videos

In this video, Tim and I in the shop machining the stationary electrodes for Davinci's SRSG. This is the CNC machine that plugged out the entire gap. No sound on my camera for this video. Just figured I'd add this under the misc links.

Went down to Rocky Mount to get some work done on a side project and got distracted by this... GoCart engine + Granny cart = 40MPH and total distraction... AWESOME