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Welcome to the resources page

On this page I intend to create a permanent archive of Tesla related resources for the community to use. If you have something to contribute to this page that you feel will benefit the community please contact we so we can get whatever resource you have uploaded to the site. See the new video below for more information on this page.


  • JAVA TC - Version 12.5 of the JAVA Tesla Coil Calculator.
  • Ed Sonderman - Heres the latest version of the Ed Sonderman Excel shreadsheet.


  • MMC design chart - Here is an updated MMC design chart in PDF format.
  • Garolite Chart - Basic comparison of the different types of Garolite for use in RSG.

In this video I answer some of your questions regarding this page on the website and I also briefly introduce you to the server that hosts the resources on With the new drive space addition to the NAS, I can now start archiving resources for the Tesla community.