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You know you're a coiler when...

I had the idea a few weeks ago to post this question to the list. The results were hilarious. Here is what TCML members had to say...

  • Your nose can pick up the scent of ozone from a mile away.

  • Big valve wheels at the local chem plant look tempting enough to steal for your new variac stack.

  • You enter Dunkin' Donuts and think, "Toroids! Toroids!"

  • Every time you see a flat bed truck loaded with utility transformers, you start dreaming of ways that you could hijack the truck and get away with it.

  • You use more thoriated tungsten than an average TIG welder.

  • Every piece of unused utility pipe lying on the side of the road, makes you think about a new project.

  • You have friends over to see your picture albums and you pull out pictures of power sub stations and high voltage towers.

  • The most common response you receive from everyone after a demo is "Well, what is it good for?"