So instead of getting some much needed work done in the shop, Orlando and I once again got distracted by high voltage, mirrors poorly glued to motors, and high powered light in cylindrical form... Cylindrical light? Just wait till we invent spherical light! Then we'll see who's laughing!

Anyways, so instead of doing our work, Orlando and I pulled out the white light and handheld blue laser. You might be thinking to yourself, "Wait, did he just say WHITE light laser?" Yup, it's a reincarnation of my childhood afternoons attempting to build a death ray by focusing a flashlight into a laser beam using crude lens and Erector sets... No just kidding, or maybe not...

So what were we really using? Well a white light laser is a combination of many wavelengths. The laser uses a mixture of Argon and Krypton, both of which are multi line gases. This mixture creates colors of Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Ultra Violet, and infrared. This particular laser was running 250 volts at 40 amps and had a max output of about 2.25 Watts due to our PSU. The blue laser in the video has already been featured here on Teslamad so I'm not going to include its description again.

Basically we fixed the two lasers on a single target out in the street. This was absolutely not an elaborate setup, just something quick. A motor was angled on the fork lift we positioned out on the street and a mirror was glued to the axle to create a cone effect in the sky. I'd like to mention now that under normal circumstances you should never shoot high powered lasers into a street or into the sky. We ran these lasers in short intervals well after midnight and after first clearing the street in both directions as well as ensuring a safe termination point for the beams incase of accidental miss alignment. As for the sky, the cone effect greatly dispersed the intensity of the lasers and we verified the absence of all aircraft before engaging these devices. I'm sure this goes without saying, but you should never operate lasers within the vicinity of aircraft for obvious reasons. It is a felony to intentionally shine a laser regardless how small into the path of any aircraft. Using new sophisticated technologies, they can and will catch you! Please be responsible!

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In this third and final video, we're closing things up and decide to put our shutter/pulseamadohicky to rest in the only way we know how... I won't spoil it for you.