Discount flybacks for TCML members courtesy of Paul Brodie!

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Paul Brodie's Flyback Sale

Attention TCML members...

Paul is continuing to sell Flybacks. He was able to get his hands on some more units and he's offering them to you, the Tesla Community at a discount. Get um while you can. Below is some more info and a way for you to purchase them directly from Paul. Why you might ask? Because the Tesla community cares, and we all help each other out to achieve our high voltage dreams.

Update from Paul as of 01/14/2012

I have about 30 flybacks left. I need to measure a few of them to give you an idea of what I have but I do know that all of them have coils 2.1" in diameter or less but some of them are a lot thicker, 1.3" versus the .81" of most. The largest ones are $24 and the smaller ones are $20, plus shipping.

I am trying to buy a large lot of 1uF 1000VDC/600VAC pulse rated polypropylene caps. If this works out, the price will be very attractive for anyone wanting to build MMC's. With these ratings, you could build a 24,000VAC .025uF MMC with just 40 caps in series. With 60 in series, you would get .0166666uF at 36,000VAC. Please note that these are AC voltages, not the typical DC voltages obtained with Cornell Dubillier 2000VDC caps. Of course, using the DC ratings you would get 40,000 and 60,000 volts relatively.

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